Today is D-Day, my D-Day. It’s the birthday of my journal. I would like it to be fun, not serious, swinging like dancing and music. Life is not easy every day, but life is too short to grief and whine. So my preferred sentence is this one :

WP_20150906_001 - CopieDon’t worry, be happy

You will ask : But who is this one ? Where does she come from? Well I’m German, born on a sunny tuesday on the second day of April in 1974. So this year, I am 41, last year I was 40 and next I will be 42, and I should add a year …. This so boring, I decided to stop at 41. Actually, I think that this time of my life is totally hot!

Life is great because of a lot of fantastic things that have happened since my 41st birthday. You wanna know????

Wellllll, there’s my life partner : see him there in the mirror giving me this big kiss?? The love of my life!

20151024_133042 - Copie

Then there are my children : they are young adults now : the zombie is my son with his girlfriend and the other is my daughter!

                         WP_20150906_013 - Copie                                  InstagramCapture_cc641fae-ace0-42e9-b285-42fb8e502a1e - Copie

And last but not least, there are my beloved dog Inouï and my daughter’s cat Khalessi (I hope that I haven’t once again massacred the name ….)20151107_082820  InstagramCapture_19466dc2-bf10-4a60-99e8-393963c13411


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