November 11

We should never forget. It was the end of World War One. Four years of suffering and death ended on this memorable day in 1918, almost 100 years ago –  a century.


Germany started the war by refusing to stop the invasion of Belgium.

Only a short time after the end of WW1,  the same nation repeated the same monstrous error and started WW2 in 1939. Europe only knew a few years of peace.

The second world war was even more terrifying when you think of the horrors commuter by the Nazis.

Even if those events lie back far in the past, we must not forget.  We have the duty to transmit the memories to our children and grand children.

That peace reigns in our lovely world.


About Verahttps://dailylife1974.wordpress.comI am over forty. I am a Mom of two adult children a girl and a boy, both over twenty. I live near Paris in France. I was born and raised in Germany. German is my native language, but I speak and write fluently English and French. I currently work as a team manager in the human ressources department for French government. I am very tattoed and pierced. I love changing my hair and I am addicted with fashion, clothes, make-up and nailart. I also love decorating my home in a vintage style and I love antiques shops.

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