Diner for Valentine’s Day

We hadn’t had time to really celebrate the day… So I made a special diner the day after!

You know the French hot sandwiches called Croque Monsieur? That would be two slices of white soft bread with ham and cheese.

We had another kind of Croque Monsieur. You prepare an onion chutney with red onions, red wine and sugar. Place the chutney on the bread. We had country soft bread with whole wheat and corn. You can put some butter on the outer side of the bread slices. That gives the bread a golden colour in the oven. On the chutney you put cheese slices. We had a French cheese called Port Salut. That is a quite savoury kind of cheese.

Put your sandwiches in the oven just to make  melt the cheese. Serve your Chutney Croque with green salad and fresh tomatoes. You can put a spoon of onion chutney on your salad.

And dessert : hot waffles with melt dark chocolate and homemade whipped cream.

Yessss I did my first homemade whipped cream. It was just killing me …. Sooooo delicious!


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