Yesterday I went to Lush to get me a cream for my finger tattoos. I have tried a whole lot of creams but nothing has really calmed the itching and burning.

I found this amazing nourishing cream : Helping Hands. It’s made with almond, cacao butter and camomile. The result on my tattoos is stunning. The very moment I applied tge cream for the first time I felt a real relief. I have applied it for four times now and my skin has become less itchier and softer. Cream adopted.

On the top of the cream you can see my tooth fairy pot! I had to try this powder. It’s glittery and has a strawberry scent.

You wet your toothbrush and you put the powder on the brush. Afterwards it’s smoother than a classic toothpaste. I like the fruity taste. It’s refreshing.



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