Nailz …. 

I love nailart. Suppose you could call me an addict. I have got so many polishes, a whole basket full of ’em. I essentially buy my stuff for nailart on Wish. You know this app?

Today I took my time and did grey gel nails. I apply the base coat on natural nails. I don’t like to glue  tips even if my nails are quite short at the moment. I currently take special vitamins for haur skin and nail strengthening.

I applied the base coat, cured it,applied two layers of grey gel polish, cured each layer. After that I applied a normal glitter polish by H&M that I quick dried with a special spray I bought at New Look. This spray dries any polish in 60 secs.

You can the one on the pic on Wish for 5€ shipping included.

When the nailpolish was dry I applied a layer of finish top coat.

I used some 3D decorations and a hollow sticker for the green decoration. The green nail polish is 60 sec quick drying nail polish. All nails are topped with a brilliant finish top coat.





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