Part 2 of pre-birthday

Telling you about the visit of this stunning castle built against and into the cliffs on the Seine borders : La Roche Guyon.

View of the South balcony. 

The caves are partly natural and have always played an important role in the life of the castle. During WW2, Germans occupied the place. The castle is figured in a comic. The heroe uses a machine to time travel. It remains the Chronograph.

The interior is nicely arranged.

350 steps to up to the dungeon. You cross a pigeon tower. Up to 1500 pigeons could nest there. The number of pigeons depended on the surface of the surrounding fields belonging to the master.

The stairs are built into the cliff.

 Arriving on top of the dungeon, the view on the village and the Seine valley is breathtaking.

Good recommendations for using the stairs.

The ceiling of the southern tower was painted in black as it was used as an astronomical laboratory in the Age of enlightenment.

It’s amazing to note that people always have been inclined to leave messages.

Tomorrow I’ll show you the village.


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