Presenting my BFF

Inoui has joined our family over 3 years ago. Still remembering the small pup totally afraid who didn’t  dare entering his new home.

Have a look at what a clown we have gotten. He makes me crack up every morning. Not in the mood to say good morning and then such a cuty when we leave for work.

Every evening he waits for us on the front porch, eager to join us in the house and spend the evening with us.


About Verahttps://dailylife1974.wordpress.comI am over forty. I am a Mom of two adult children a girl and a boy, both over twenty. I live near Paris in France. I was born and raised in Germany. German is my native language, but I speak and write fluently English and French. I currently work as a team manager in the human ressources department for French government. I am very tattoed and pierced. I love changing my hair and I am addicted with fashion, clothes, make-up and nailart. I also love decorating my home in a vintage style and I love antiques shops.

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