Saturday I finally tried my new thingies I received. I like the postman when he brings my gifts …. Which I ordered and paid …. 😂  As it takes several weeks to get orders from China, you can be sure that I forget. So it’s always like Christmas when I receive a long forgotten order.

Those are my patterns for drawing brows.
And I also bought my first lashes from Kiko.

I have never ever used faux lashes. I thought them to be too expensive and too difficult to put on. I read several blogs and tutorials and finally got me this glam pair with rhinestones. The glue is included in the package 

 I did my make-up as usual but didn’t put on much mascara, just a bit as told on the box.

You need a pair of tweezers to handle easily your lashes. Put the lashes on your lids without glue to get the good length. I was lucky, didn’t have to shorten the lashes. If you need to, you simply cut them with scissors.  

I put them onto a cloth and put on a thin layer of glue. The glue becomes transparent in a about 30 secs.

Whooooooo nowwwwww the part which I thought especially difficult. Put the lashes on your lid just in line with your own lashes. Easy peasy. 

One eye done!

Annnnnnd two ….


And I used my patterns for brows with the brows gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills


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