Contouring tutorial

Today, I am going to give a quick tutorial on contouring with photos. The first step of a good contour is complexion makeup. That means primer, colour corrector if needed, concealer, foundation and setting powder. Evening out your skin tone and setting it properly will allow for a smooth contour and overall flawless look. You can use liquid or powder foundation, my preference is liquid. Make sure your complexion products match your skintone and work well for your skin type.


Once you have set with powder, you can start using your powder contour products. I always start with a bronzer but you can also use a matte bronze tone from a contour kit. To figure out where to place your bronzer, touch your face and discover where your cheekbone ends. You are going to place your bronzer above that, blending it onto your cheek to warm up your face, add dimension and serve as a base for the next contour colour for a seamless look. I always bronze my chin starting behind my ear.
You can also bronze your forehead if you desire to minimize it.




Last, you want to add a shadow colour right where the cheekbone ends and blend it up into your bronzer. The use of warm and cool tones together will create the illusion of a shadow and a popping cheekbone as well as a slimmer face. I am using a cool tone contour colour from a Kevyn Aucoin palette but any will do.



And there you have it! A simple contour. If you desire to have a stronger contour, you can always add a darker shadowy tone or use more product. Here is the finished result on my face:



Tutorial written and photographed by @neuroticvixenmakeup


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