Unterfranken Bavaria 1

Unterfranken is the region of Bavaria I was born. It’s amazing how much variety of landscapes and architectural beauties you can discover. If you like food, tou will find a wide range of salty and sweet dishes.

On the road we always stop at Waldmohr, nice halt on the highway to get a cup of coffee and a light meal. Furthermore, you can go for a walk in the woods behind the snack. Still more interesting when you got a dog.

As usual, we stay in our holiday home in Stangenroth. You can easily rent a B&B or a nice hotel room.

Bad Kissingen is the biggest town! It’s called Weltbad which means World thermal station. 🌈

Regentenbau seen from the Rosengarten.

Next to the fountain, on the left is a walk with numerous cafe’s and small shops. Our preferred icecream parlour : Da Vito

Coffee is equally amazing.

In the evening the fountain displays a wonderful rainbow coloured show.

The Kurpark (gardens for the ) is quiet in the evening. It’s beautiful to walk along the river Saale and take a peek into the shop’s windows.


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