Choosing what to eat

This post from the fabulous just resumes perfectly well my view of food. Food is an entire part of a journey. I agree that it’s super important to eat healthy, but tasting local dishes and foreign savours is a must for me when travelling other countries.

Cooking Without Limits


Choosing what food is best for you should be easy, but as I discover it is difficult sometime. I am a gourmand person, so I always think of food. When I am searching for a new a place to visit the most important thing is not the hotel is the food.

I want to know about all new meals you can have in that place. Many times I have been asked if I would eat insects, snakes or other strange foods, and I always say I would try. Why try? Because you never know how you will react in that moment. So never say never.

Choosing food is a battle. I want to eat healthy but in the same time I want to know as many dishes as possible. Some of them are fried, with lot of sugar or very spicy. You never know. But, when I am eating something…

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