Japan in Paris

Yes you can emerge yourself in Japanese culture and food in the heart of Paris! Go to Rue Sainte Anne, only 5 minutes from the Opera Garnier. Look at the red tag to find the street.

There are a lot of restaurants to eat traditional Japanese food, but also supermarkets and homedeco shops.

We had our lunch in this amazing restaurant. They make fresh noodles just when you pop in. The cooker was so nice and let me take photos and a video.

Yi Shun restaurant. 15 rue Cherubini

We had noodles with chicken and sesame topping, cucumber and fried noodles.

There are so many amazing shops to visit.

And you must not miss the unique Aki pastry shop : here you can get traditional Japanese pastry, take away food and last but not least revisited traditional French pastries, like an Eclair au matcha or a Millefeuille au matcha.

And that’s what we had for dessert :

Chou a la creme and Melon pain a la creme Matcha


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