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Brothers we need some support for this young lady… Let’s make her birthday and show some love. Our chapter is sending cards, good vibes, prayers, this is in our home state we would greatly appreciate all the Villain love we can get.. Please share

I’m reaching out for help. My Step-daughter was scheduled to have a 15 level spinal fusion surgery at Nationwide Childrens Hospital in Columbus Ohio by Dr. Klamar on June 15th due to her severe scoliosis. She has a double ‘S’ curve with 65° curve on top and 56° on bottom. Her ‘dad’ rescheduled It for July 25th. Her 13th birthday is the next day, July 26th. She will be spending her 13th birthday in a hospital, in severe pain and not really knowing whats going on. She’s devastated. If you know me I don’t ask for anything. But this is our little angel and we want her to feel the love and see how many people care for her. So please I’m not asking for anything but cards from all over the world to wish her a Happy 13th birthday to show her the love and prayers she has out there.

if you can please SHARE and help us get boxes of cards showing the love it would be great. Its not her fault this is happening to her and we’re trying everything to ease the pain and fear. I want to be a dad that makes her SMILE and let’s her know she’s loved and that there are great people out there that care and love her. BIRTHDAYS MATTER!!! if you can mail a card that will brighten a little girls heart on her 13th birthday , please please do and we can’t thank you enough. We will post updates and we are trying to respond to everyone.

Surgery- July 25

Birthday – July 26
Ellee Whitesel

11560 Walnut Hill Dr NW

Baltimore OH 43105
We will get the mail (she never gets it anyway) and take the cards to the hospital on her bday. So feel free to send now!

Please help her feel the love and have a great memory of her 13th birthday.  Thank you all. ⚔️BΣΛЯDΣD VILLΛIПS ⚔️


#villainsalute⚔👊🎩🍻🔪⚔ @beardedvillains


#beardedvillainsworldwide – #regrann – #regrann


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