Paris with Capucine

My daughter Capucine succeded in getting employed as a public agent. So we decided on a Parisian day to celebrate her employment.

First stop : Happy Day Diner

It’s an all American diner. You even can have vegetarian burgers. 🍔

This is a Hawaiian menu with pineapple and Sprite added with cherry syrup. If you like, you can replace French fries 🍟 by fried sweet potatoes. For dessert : mango and vanilla 🍦 icecream with whipped cream.

Coffe and a Reeser cup.

Streetart in Paris…. Still chasing space invaders …. Catch ’em all 👽

Examine your height in the Metro. Subway stations are so funny places to visit.

Do you know the Manoir de Paris?

Oh my Gosh! We are sooooo frightened 😰

Discover Paris history in a haunted manor with real actors. You visit this house in small groups of 6 persons. The decor is stunning and you will scream for sure. A truely original way to learn a bit of history.

To finish this wonderful day, a cocktail in a Brasserie near the Halles.


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