Château de Beaumesnil

I guess I already wrote a post about the Château de Beaumesnil. It’s one of my favourite castles. So I don’t mind returning. 

The gardens are spacious and offer wonderful perspectives of the castle. There you can even admire a 19th century freezer. Yesssss I don’t joke. A freezer had been built with really thick stone walls. As the gardens harbour a few lakes, enormous blocks of ice were cut out in winter and transferred into the stone freezer. This method allowed to keep food from detoriation. It was such a modern castle in this time!

It is stunning to visit the interior too. There’s the kitchen which was particular modern. A big chimney to bake and cook.

You had to wind up the rack and pinion. It lasted 20 minutes to go down by itself. The cooker used this indication for big meat pieces.

The kitchen was well equipped and has even a dwell to get water inside. In other castles water had to be fetched outside. All those facilities are proof of a really modern castle.

It’s possible to assist the preparing of caramel.

The interior is totally stunning. I’ll show you around with some photos indicating each room. You’ll have a surprise in the end!

The stairway

The reading room

The library

Dining room

How to dress a table

And nooooow ladies and gentlemen, guess who stayed in this amazing place?

Coco Chanel

She even had her own room.

Hope you enjoyed the virtual visit 😍

Don’t forget to have a picnic under the hundreds of years old trees.


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