I am woman hear me roar

Hello sunshines! This week’s photo theme is inspired by the Zara’s incredible and inspirational post last week. 
As Villainettes, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We are women of class and integrity in all we post, and all we do. 
This weeks theme is intended to be “whole package positive” and we hope you have fun with it! Please keep the photo guidelines in mind as you plan your posts, and do not hesitate to ask if need help!

I am not perfect, I have bumps and wrinkles, scars and marks, but I am BEAUTIFUL!

I make mistakes and sometimes just plain screw up. But I am smart and accomplished – I may not run the world, but I run mine! I AM WOMAN! I am beautiful, intelligent, and powerful!! I help create!! Every day I hear women proclaim “I am not enough….Im not pretty ….Im to fat..to skinny….too smart…to dumb…” Enough!!! YOU ARE ENOUGH!! I AM ENOUGH!!!! FEEL YOUR GLORY!!!! LET OUT YOUR ROAR!!! SAY IT!!! I AM ENOUGH!! I AM BEAUTIFUL!! I AM WOMAN!!! ⠀

Credit to @vintageshunter my lovely Villainette sister Sarah 😍








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