@Regrann from @evaxr0ckz – #Repost @booboo_goddess32 (@get_repost) ・・・ 💄COME BE A VILLAINETTE!!💄 LOYALTY CLASS RANKINGS CHARITY AWARENESS FAMILY SISTER’S!!! THE VILLAINETTES are a sisterhood For strong, unique, beautiful women to come and be supported, to form lasting bonds and gain family! To help build awareness to good cause, help with and hold charity events. To have a platform to help give back a little in the world. But most important to have a place to come that no matter who she is, where she works, money in her account, what her life story may have been or is, a place without judgement, a place of kindness, encouraging and some good old fashioned girl talk!! We rank so membership is worked towards and earned!! We have strong leaders for guidance and support! We have guidelines so our sisterhood and values are always upheld! Worldwide Chat for meetings and getting to know each other and making sure each sister is supported and informed And groups in many states and country’s groups who meet and host events!! If this sounds like it’s for you contact your Villainette Scout!!!! @bur_rabbit @Tanya.stack @beard_lovin_broad @sarahjeen1012 @sanneellegaard @inkedrebelsoul @hannah92walker @anaquintanova @July_stroh @TheVillainettes #TheVillainettes #proudstrongwomen #sisters4life #VillainettesWorldwide #Sisterhood #LoyaltyRespectClass – #regrann


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