Do you know Bento? It’s a kind of Japanese fast-food. Bento is composed of rice and small quantities of hot or cold salted dishes.

In Paris, you can go to Juji-Ja, rue Sainte Anne.

42 rue Sainte Anne 75002 Paris

Melon soda is refreshing and really exotic.

Onigri are seaweed leafs stuffed with rice and Japanese plum or salmon.

Tiramisu green tea flavor

You choose your bento. Different menus are suggested. You can eat seated in the room behind the shop. They offer takeaway food. Otherwise it’s a self service. Prices for a complete Bento vary from 9€50 to 11€50. Drinks and desserts require a supply. For my meal I had a vegetarian Bento composed of riced, fried veggies, cooked seaweed, asparagus with sesame topping and noodle salad, I added an Onigri with plum, melon soda and green tea tiramisu. This meal cost 18€50.

The quality is very good and staff is really nice. The seating area is comfy. A place to go to for a nice Bento.

Photo credit for image above


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