Sometimes I don’t want to go. I want to relax and eat junk food.

But I know that I’ll pay for that later. I have been experiencing headaches, anxiety and digestive issues when not exercising on a regular basis.

Some days I feel the urge to go back to my old self, but I don’t get the kick out of sweets and industrial cakes anymore.

However, workout helps me a big lot with my anxiety issues I have been dealing with since February. My body is aching in weird places… I try to stay calm, but then this f…. anxiety kicks in and my imagination does somersaults. That might sound funny but it’s not at all.

My heart starts throbbing, I feel like a 100 pounds are put on my chest.

That’s in those moments that I really feel the necessity to work out. Cardio training to prove I don’t have heart issues, weight lifting to prove that my aching in the side is just a psychosomatic symptom.

This anxiety makes me irritable. I’m not in charge of my feelings neither of my humour which can easily skip.

I try to reign in those bad vibes.

Have any of you had similar experiences? I would love to share and learn how you deal.

Xoxo Vera


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