@Regrann from @unicorn1974v – 💄LOVE💄
Writing in the sand the love for my sisters @thevillainettes 💄

You are all over the world but the miles which separare us physically don’t matter. Our bond is stronger than distance. 💄Sisterhood💄Honor💄Love💄Support💄Loyalty💄

Our love for each other doesn’t know any borders or obstacles. 💄No mountains are too high💄 💄No waters are too deep💄 💄No border can stop us💄
If you feel the same, come and join us!

#EuropeVillainettes 💄
💄🍻🎩🔪💄 #THΣVILLΛΙИΣTTΣS #LoyaltyHonorRespect #villainettesforlife #TheVillainettes #beardedvillains @thevillainettes
#superscoutstack – https://www.instagram.com/p/BYlV9vbHsiF/

Regrann App – Repost without leaving Instagram – Download Here : http://regrann.com/download


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