Today’s my daughter’s 24th birthday.

We spent an amazing day in Paris starting with lunch from Bagelstein food truck. You should definitely try those bagels and muffins! They are stunning and you can even get a vegetarian bagel with pesto, grilled pepper, onions and mozzarella.

Spa time : total body scrub and massage

It was the first time I experienced a scrub and massage. I appreciated a lot the scrub. It was citrus scented and left my skin incredibly smooth.

The massage was quiet rough. Sometimes it hurt and I didn’t relax as I expected. I don’t think that I’ll do a massage again.

We were presented with a cup of tea and fresh fruits after the spa.

We returned downtown Paris for some shopping. On the way Capucine showed me one new streetart. Isn’t it really cool?

And for a nice finish of our Parisian day a stop at Toraya. Luxury and Japanese tea/pastry. It’s very difficult to find a tearoom serving traditional Japanese pastry and desserts.

At home we had a family diner. All vegetarian.


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