💄 Hi
Our fellow BV (bearded villains) brothers in Scandinavia are gonna do a big shoutout for this little champ and his family!
Would be nice to show our support also!

It’s announced wendsday 20:00 in Scandinavia.

“Why I am writing is because I would like to spread some love and positive energy to a fellow bearded friend on Instagram.

This person is not a Villain, but is well know in this brotherhood of ours and a strong supporter of BV. He goes by the name beardedhumor and is the father of Jayden who his diagnosed with almost everything bad the world can throw at ya..

Jayden have had some really bad seizures the last couple of weeks and is having a turn for the worse with his scoliosis… Jayden doesn’t speak but uses sign language to communicate… so I was thinking… how about a mass post to Jayden forum all of our chapters where we sign I love you (loveyou) and put a # jaydensjourny on the picture…

I think it would mean a lot to the family knowing that we are thinking about them and sending them positive energy and love..”

Use this text under your picture

Copy and paste:

The Strongest People
Are Not Those Who Show
Strength In Front Of Us
But Those Who Win Battles
We Know Nothing About

Please share the pic on my Instagram account and spread the love. It’s free, it’s generous and it would mean so much!


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