How about a new recipe for a meatfree burger?


What you need for one serving. Multiply by the servings you need.

    1. One burger bread
    2. Aioli sauce
    3. 2 slices of cheddar
    4. 2 slices of blue cheese
    5. 1 fig
    6. Salad
    7. 1 tomato
    8. Deep frozen potatoes

    Start by putting the potatoes in the oven. During the baking of the potatoes you can prepare your burgers.

    Put the aioli sauce on each bread side.

    Add the cheese and the sliced fig.

    Take the potatoes out of the oven and sprinkle generously with grated cheese. Return the potatoes into the oven and add the burgers. Let the cheese melt. Takes up to ten minutes depending on your oven.

    Meanwhile prepare the salad.

    Bon appetit!


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