What does that mean? You can simplify a lot of things. I decided to simplify my life. Just that! Big task ahead. I’m a woman who has a bad habit of accumulating stuff and activities. It’s like I need more from everything. But then I get stressed out for I don’t find the place to store my stuff neither the time to do all the activities I started. I have begun to become anxious in the beginning of this year. Ever since this anxiety has introduced itself into my life I have experienced different stages and types of mental and physical pain. My anxiety reached unimaginable heights, being sure to be affected by cancer of all kinds, having heart racing, feeling suffocating. Then trying to battle against the anxiety by doing new activities, buying new stuff. You see that’s a vicious circle. I have talked a lot with my daughter. She can be a pain in the ass but she always listens when I’m feeling down. She’s very helpful.

Big time for big thinking how to break the circle.

I’ll get there, want to, need to succeed.

1. I stop waiting that others do things I want to be done. Up to me to get in action.

2. I like my simple make-up for myself. Be it. I love looking at photos of wonderful make-up artists, but mine will stay simple. Black mascara, black eyeliner and red lips plus a good foundation.

3. I like wearing black, jeans. Fullstop. Next Sunday I’ll do a big throwout. Will take all my clothes and shoes and bags out of my two cupboards. Put the stuff onto the bed and do two heaps : LIKE & DON’T LIKE. I’ll post a special article about that too.

4. Stop trying all those activities, stick to what you really like : workout of every kind, drawing, cooking/baking, reading,movies,music.

5. Assume my love for tattoos and get all those I want. No one to judge me.

I just had to write down all this to clear my head. Perhaps it may help someone who is getting through this mental sh.t.


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