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@Regrann from @dtr_boss – 💥HELP BABY CASH💥PLEASE SHARE

We are accepting all donations to our BVVA PayPal:
Which we will then send the lump some to the mother!

Meet baby Cash.. Cash is a beautiful blue eyed 6 month old who was recently diagnosed with Positional Plagiocephaly. This is where a baby develops a flat spot on their head from laying in a position that puts pressure on one part of the skull. Because babies spend so much time lying on their back, in Cash’s case, 8 hours a night. Cash developed a very flat spot on the back of his head which has caused the sides of his skull to grow wider. If Positional Plagiocephaly goes untreated it can lead to long term issues such as low muscle tone and visual problems. He is in need of a Cranial helmet to help the skull develop back to its original shape. Unfortunately they will not start molding his helmet until it is paid for, insurance isn’t covering all of it and the family must come out of pocket $1,200. Cash needs his helmet made as soon as possible because the longer they wait the harder the skull will get and his head will be permanently flat. This sweet boy is happy as a clam and would appreciate all the help he can get to fix his cute little head!

P.S- There will be an auction held today’s 2 p.m in the Charity Line Chat with a lot of items which all proceeds raised will also go to Baby Cash!
Thank you all –

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