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Regrann from @bur_rabbit – 🔹🔹 GOING BLUE 🔹🔹🔹
The world is now short a warrior, but the heavens have gained an angel
Pat Bender – Levinson fought a long battle with LCH Langershans Cell Histiocytosis & a few nights ago her fight ended when God called her home ……. my heart is heavy with grief…….. When Harry was first diagnosed there was no Facebook or social media and so for several years we were very alone in trying to find answers or support but when Facebook started so did our first Histio support group for adults, there was about seven of us at the time and Pat was one of the people that made it all run. From that day forward she became a pillar of support and love in our lives, she always kept up with our latest Dr news or struggles the emotional journey and physical. A few years back when things got very shaky and we didn’t know if it was the end for us Pat message every single day for weeks until we had made it to the other side even though she was in the hospital receiving treatment and surgery herself…. and what is most special is I am not alone with this story she provided this love and support for many families struggling and fighting with this horrible disease. Always at the front of the pack demanding attention, awareness, and recognition for what are Warriors have dealt with and how many angels we have lost… Today I go Blue 🔹 In honor of a true warrior who has now earned her wings and become a Histio Angel …. She will never be forgotten 💙
And we will continue the fight!!! We will not give up till we find a cure, we will continue to demand better treatment for adults, push for more awareness, and support all fighters and families 💙
I will miss you Pat 💙 Fly High Histio Mom #HistioAngel #HistioWarrior #Lch #Langerhans #langerhanscellhistiocytosis #MultiSystemLCH #PLCH #HLH #HistioFamily #Cancer #CancerWarrior #ChronicIllness #NoCure #WhoMixedCancerWithMyAutoImmuneDisease
#chronicPain #AdultsWithHistio #AdultsWithLCH #awareness #NeverGiveUp #AlwaysFight – #regrann


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