Regrann from @thevillainettes – 💄I Am Listening 👂💄 By Sister @_louise_lorentzon_36
When you wake up in the morning smiling there is person that wakes up hopeless. Maybe you jump out of your bed whistling on your favorite song while another are still in bed struggeling to get up. You kiss your husband/wife and kids Good Morning while another person maybe is completely alone. You making your favorite breakfast with a big appetite while another can’t even think of food.
Your life is happy and almost perfect while another person only have one thought in there mind, and that is that they have no happiness….
For a person who doesn’t struggle with mental illness, it can be hard to understand, they don’t know what it is like to wake up sad every morning alone with only dark thoughts.
That is why Mental Illness is so important to pay attention to. It can be your neighbour, your coworker, or a friend, your spouse, parent or child who suffers.

I will pay attention to you, I will support you and I will listen to you.
I am your friend and your are worthy living a happy life. ❤️ Me And My Sisters would like to say, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE, YOU ALWAYS HAVE A FRIEND, SOMEONE TO CARE
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