Regrann from @knitlovesteph – 💄⚔️Month of the Military Child⚔️💄

The official flower of the Military Child is the Dandelion. Why?
Dandelions put down roots almost anywhere and are almost impossible to destroy. Military children bloom everywhere the winds carry them, hardy, and upright. Their roots are strong and cultivated in culture.
Military Children are well rounded, tolerant, and extremely resilient.
They have learned that home is where the heart is and that a good friend can be found in any corner of the world, and life is full of new and exciting adventures.
Please join the Villainettes in recognizing the Military Children Stateside and Worldwide for the Sacrifice and Service they give in support of our Honored service men and women in keeping our great nation free and safe! We thank you. We honor you. We love you. •
#villainettesforawareness #villainettesforacause
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