Not going out much for simple tasks

No more excuses to quit internet and go out!


Hi my Readers 🙂

I’ve noticed that I don’t want walking to my store or to throw garbage or do something silly like that. And recently I figured out why.

For my home, I have clothes that I don’t want them to be outside and bring germs near on them near the place I sleep (because I always pet cats and dogs are alway jumping around me to greet me). The Idea of puting my going out pants (and everything else changing for that matter) it has turned me into a lazy person.
I don’t know what hit me but I decided to buy sportswear (my wardrobe is faaar away from sportswear… I even exercise in my leggings that are for going out). Since then I am wearing simple t – shirt with sport jacket and bottom tracksuits (oh, I’m having so much hard time naming these thing since I…

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