Save Alfie Evans

Regrann from @booboo_goddess32 – A very big day tomorrow please help this little guy get out this hospital they are trying to kill an UNDIAGNOSED CHILD HERE IN THE UK IT’S RIDICULOUS THESE PARENTS HAVE HAD TO FIGHT THIS HARD TO SAVE THERE SON💔 PLEASE SIGN HIS PETITION IF YOU ALREADY HAVEN’T💙 THEY COULD TURN HIS MACHINE OFF TOMORROW OR TUESDAY IF HE’S IS NOT MOVED.. WHAT IF IT WAS YOUR KID WHAT WOULD YOU DO???? PLEASE HELP 🙏💙🙏💙🙏💙🙏💙#Repost @alfiesarmy Very important day tomorrow, Appeal day at Court!

So, let’s get #AlfieEvans and his story all over Instagram and reach more people worldwide, RAISE AWARENESS and most of all PRAY for Alfie.
LIKE, COMMENT, TAG YOUR FRIENDS/CELEBS AND REPOST 💜💙 Help #AlfieEvans take over Instagram! – #regrann


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