Wish 50% off

I discovered Wish some years ago. It’s a Chinese website. You can order without fear. Payment via PayPal and you are refunded if you don’t receive your order or if there’s the slightest problem.

I have ordered quite a lot of stuff. I love their accessories for hair, fantasy jewelery and products for nailart. I don’t recommend make up. You cannot be sure about the composants. Clothes are ok, sometimes the material is really cheap quality and it isn’t easy to determine the right sizing. Chinese clothes are often smaller then US or EU sizing.

However shops tend to sell more adequate sizes now. You can always compare the sizing chart and don’t hesitate to read other buyers’ opinions. That might help to make your final decision. It’s also interesting to buy stuff for cooking and baking.

Wish offers a wide range of cheap products but still good quality. As I love cooking veggies and making cakes, I bought a veggy cutter and funny little stuff for cake deco

Use this code : lnqfkqk

You can get Wish on Google Play store or here : https://wish.com/dl

J’ai découvert Wish il y a quelques années.

C’est un site chinois qui regroupe une multitude de vendeurs. Pas de soucis pour commander. Paiement par Paypal et remboursement en cas de non réception ou autre problème. Le SAV est réactif, réponse en 48h maxi. Testé par moi ! 😘

Télécharge l’appli Wish et utilise le code promo lnqfkqk sur ta première commande pour obtenir jusquà moins 50 ! Télécharge l’appli ici : https://wish.com/dl


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