Regrann from @bur_rabbit – 🎀 CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO START LISTING NOW!!! 🌟 SHOW WILL BE 27 HRS Long!! 🎀 You Can Hear Me In The 8pm Eastern Time Guest Slot!!! I’ll have my 💎 @tanya.stack here at the house to join in the fun!!! ⭐️ @hannah92walker will be in studio soon!!! 🎀 There will be lots of REALLY GREAT VILLAIN Guests!!! ⭐️ And this is all for an AMAZING cause!!! So Please Go Support our Brothers of @beardedvillainswales in the massive undertaking of a 27 hr RADIO-THON!! And all the effort and love they’ve put into it!!!! Huge Love and Respect Brothers!!! I will be listening!!! And can’t wait to chat tonight !! #beardedvillainswales #bvwalesradiothon2018 #thevillainettes #SupportOurBrothers #SupportingThoseDoingTheWork #beardedvillains


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