Durable, Pt.1/5

A hard but accurate one ….

Ricardo Sexton

• • • Sprinting After The Ball • • •

Hey mom, I would prefer: if I had never, ever woken up
I dreamt: I was a player scoring a goal at the world cup
Me, sprinting after the ball, I looked too good out there
Without having to be pushed around in this wheelchair

I was born dead… Lying on a bed… Living by a thread.
Focus! I wish I was ‘Adolf Hitler’ in another incarnation
To have these ‘atrophied muscles’ as a condemnation
This is a sentence: for rapists, for sick corrupt politics

I breathe instead. Humiliated to be clothed & cleaned
To be bathed too, and for food & water I’m mouth fed
Guys my age are skateboarding, dancing, and surfing
But I’m crippled. “I’m the stage of boarding suffering”

© Ricardo Sexton

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