Villainettes challenge

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💄 I Challenge You….. Do you except ??💄 Support Your Fellow Woman!

For she like no other understands, For she like no other can give support, For she like no other can lift you up!

As women we often feel pitted against each other even as children society shows us to cast aside girls who are different and to build our circle from those like us.

Well we say cast out old and uneducated ways!

Make your circle as various and beautiful as the world we live it! Make your circle from women who teach you new things, expect great things of you, and inspire you to be YOUR Greatest Woman!! Different Is A Blessing

Different Is Learning

Different Is Interesting

Different Is The Way We Are Made

We Embrace That! Celebrate it! And love each for that!

This weekend we have a challenge for you… The CHALLENGE is to, #1 push yourself out of your comfort zone to speak to and show support to a woman who you haven’t before, don’t let your differences make you intimidated to bond.

#2 Or go to a new place with different types of women then you normally spend time with, put yourself out there to learn something about a woman not like you and see where that takes you!! The Challenge Is To Embrace A Woman Or Women Not in your circle! To Grow Your Circle, maybe even open it completely ❤️

#SisterChallenge #VillainetteChallenge #EmbraceAllWomen




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#Sisters4Life 💯

#LoyaltyHonorRespect #Love #SupportingThoseWhoDoGood #MakingOurWorldABetterPlace #SupportingOurVillainFamily ⚔️


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