We are a sisterhood of women from all over the world! We are all unique in personality and lifestyle. What we all have in common? Our villainette values! Loyalty! Respect! Class! Family! Charity! We have a ranking system that we take very seriously, we want ladies who respect themselves, her sisters and her sisterhood. You start out as a supporter and then a hopeful. This is to give you time to learn about us and for us to learn about you. Then you will get the chance to rank up and become a prospect, then a member and in special cases – a diamond member💎 We have some simple guidelines: always be respectful and classy. We expect all the villainettes to respect her sisters, her family and our community. We have a worldwide chat, where you can come and talk to women from all over the world – and get to know and support your sisters. We have sisters in most states in the US, and in a lot of countries world wide – and we are growing every day! These sisters gather for social events, charity, fundraisers, and just for a good girls night out! If you would like to JOIN or have QUESTIONS please contact any of the following:

@TheVillainettes IG page or one of our SCOUTS!

@hannah92walker – UK 🇬🇧

@sanneellegaard – Denmark 🇩🇰

@evetheswede – Sweden 🇸🇪

@lizfoxgrey – Canada 🇨🇦

@aleksandra_twardowska – Poland 🇵🇱

@fuchsbau27 – Poland 🇵🇱

@anaquintanova – Portugal 🇵🇹 Germany 🇩🇪

@stella_star8 – Italy 🇮🇹

@maevewolf – Spain 🇪🇸

@orelie.pic – France 🇫🇷

@booboo_goddess32 – Scotland🏴

@ladygummybell – Tennessee/Georgia 🇺🇸

@jennielouwho82 -Indiana 🇺🇸

@ashleyusmc -Indiana 🇺🇸

@187psycho – California 🇺🇸

@thegir1who1oved – Florida🇺🇸

@alyssasvibes – Texas 🇺🇸

@cherryverns – Pennsylvania 🇺🇸

@karadawn77 – New Mexico 🇺🇸

@vintageshutterbug – Chicago 🇺🇸

•You can also contact:

@mrs.bearded_and_fit 💄Founder

@bur_rabbit 💄 Ambassador

@__kimmay__💎 Diamond

@inkedrebelsoul 💎 Diamond

@hannah92walker 💎Diamond

@heatherglo26 💎 Diamond

•Come join our sisterhood!






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