A star 💫 for Mia

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Sweet Mia resides in heaven in the arms of our Father, but as an Angel, Mia is free to roam theHeavens as she watches over us from above. And what little girl wouldn’t want to spend her days exploring the skies on the back of a beautiful winged horse?

A star in the constellation Pegasus has been purchased from the International Star Registry in Mia’s name. This will forever be the Mia Ojeda Star, as will be registered with the star registry records in their vault in Switzerland.⭐️ This constellation is at its most visible in the northern hemisphere in October. For your best chance of spotting it in the sky, I recommend a constellation app. In the Apple App Store, Sky Guide is a wonderful option. Should you wish to locate it using a telescope, I can provide you with the coordinates.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible. Mia’s family will be receiving the Star package later this week ❤️ #teammia #miastrong #villainettesforacause #auctionsforaction


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