💄My body Me and What I see💄

It’s a long story sometimes I love her sometimes and I’d say most of the time I hate her. Her? Me … My body … me the girl having no friends at school, the teenager being full of buttons and fat, the young woman leaving her parents home to found a family, the woman who got married to a man too old but who gave her two beautiful children. Me the wife watching over my husband drinking, being alcoholic and finally dying…. The woman trying to educate her children, managing a job, finding the love of her life … But always struggling with who I am. People believe that I am strong independent self assured. That’s the outer side I’ll show you. The inside is full of doubts, of hate for myself for not doing the right things for being annoying.

Today I try to change. I want to love myself and cherish my body God gave me.







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