Come and join 💄


We are a sisterhood of women from all over the world! We all are unique in personality and lifestyle. So what do we all have in common? Our Villainette values: Loyalty! Respect! Class! Family! Charity!

We have a ranking system that we take very seriously and we are searching for ladies who respect themselves, her sisters, and the sisterhood.

Our Process:

💄SUPPORTER: a short phase in which women are given the opportunity to show interest and dedication.

💄HOPEFUL: a period of time where you learn about us, our values, and our organization. We learn about you and give you the opportunity to show us your beliefs follow with ours.

💄PROSPECT: your first patch along the journey. You will use this time to continue showing the sisterhood your loyalty, support, and beliefs.

💄 MEMBER: the second patch in your journey where you begin to help lead the group in the positive direction we are taking it.


❣️always be respectful and classy.

❣️respect sisters, her family and our community.

More Info:

We have a worldwide chat, where you can come and talk to women from all over the world – and get to know and support your sisters. We have sisters in most states in the US, and in a lot of countries worldwide…but we are growing everyday! Our sisters gather for social events, charity functions, fundraisers, and just for a good girls night out!

If you would like to JOIN or have QUESTIONS please contact any of the following:

@TheVillainettes IG page or one of our SCOUTS!

@sanneellegaard-Denmark 🇩🇰

@evetheswede-Sweden 🇸🇪

@lizfoxgrey-Canada 🇨🇦

@aleksandra_twardowska-Poland 🇵🇱

@luna_wolfmoon-UK 🇬🇧


@blondewraith-Poland 🇵🇱

@anaquintanova- Portugal 🇵🇹

@tati_piercing_love_sisterhood Germany 🇩🇪

@maevewolf -Spain 🇪🇸

@jennielouwho82 -Indiana 🇺🇸

@187psycho – California 🇺🇸

@Mommyfied05 – Tennessee 🇺🇸

@thegir1who1oved – Florida 🇺🇸

@the_midg – Texas 🇺🇸

@cherryverns – Pennsylvania 🇺🇸

@karadawn77 – New Mexico 🇺🇸

@daphnenicolette- Hawaii 🇺🇸


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