Please share no matter how you define your body as fat skinny athletic round or whatever

We are human beings with our individual morphology there is nothing like a standard even if glossy papers and fashion people want us to believe that


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Hey Instagram, can you let Fat bodies live in peace? Stop erasing our bodies – we are NOT going anywhere. .



So I’m fat. I have rolls, bumps, and curves for days. I’m soft and squishy but also have great strength. And like me, most of you have spent years experiencing fear from the constant battle we tend to get locked in to with our bodies. I got so exhausted from the hate it continually took to feed my insecurities – I decided that hating my body wasn’t worth my effort. It takes time to unlearn that hate and having a space to express ourselves has been critical for many in their self acceptance journey – including my own. You are worth the effort, you are enough just as you are, and I will continue to remind you Loves of that fact 😘

📸 @sumajanedark @boudoirforallbodies

#fatisnotaviolation #nudityisnotporn #fatpositive #bopo #fatbabe #mybody #bodyacceptance #effyourbeautystandards #selflove #plusisequal


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