First time I tried henna. Heard so much about this natural coloring used for hair. Many websites and blogs talk about this amazing thing called henna. Even my daughter uses henna and she’s genuinely in love. She reported that her hair grew healthier and thicker. I had some apprehension because I have quite a lot grey and white hair on the temples. I was kind of afraid it would either remain grey or worse take a strange coloring. For my first ever henna coloring I followed my daughter’s advice and bought a tablet of solid henna from Lush. It looks like chocolate. You can buy different colors like blonde, red, brown and black. The result will depend on your actual color, the nature of your hair and if you use just water added to the henna or other ingredients like yogurt, oil or honey. I cut off two squares and added 100ml of water.

I let the block henna disintegrate slowly on a medium to low fire. I never ever stopped stirring the muddy concoction with a wooden spoon. When the henna was all molded I transferred it in a plastic box and added one ☝️soup spoon 🥄 of honey 🍯. Again stirring and waited some minutes to let it cool down.

Prepare an old towel, gloves and plastic film. Off you go to the bathroom over the sink. You put the whole concoction on your hair. A lot of bits will fall down. When you’re finished put the plastic film over your hair and leave it in for at least 2 hours, but you can leave it for as long as you like.

I left the henna in for about 2h30. It was rather late in the evening and I was so excited to discover the results. These photos are in daylight and without filter.

Below: before henna applied


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