I’ll admit it, because I’m probably not the only one. I was at a loss when it came time to finally choose my “pinup name” — a stage name, of sorts, that I would use as a performer and social media aficionado. There are so many names and so many varieties, all of them lovely, spunky, sexy, and fun. How could you possibly choose?*


I tried a Pinup Name Generator that I Googled online. It asked me a couple silly questions, then popped out Blaize-something. Blaise? Blasé!*


The problem was, it wasn’t ME. There wasn’t anything about it unique or personal. I scanned fantastic blog articles with lists of suggestions, and just felt mostly uninspired. *


I thought about what made me unique. I knew I wanted it to be something with cherry🍒, since I am a redhead, and love cherries in fashion. I’m already planning my cherry music notes tattoo…*


I do have one tattoo, it is an anchor⚓ and a crab (zodiac sign cancer) with my son’s birthday. I live by the water and grew up on a boat, and for a number of personal reasons, I love that symbol, so much that I tattooed it inside my forearm.*


I knew just what to do — I looked up “nautical sailor names.” I had no idea what I’d find besides…well, Sailor…but then Catalina jumped out at me. Catalina! I loved it! *


With some more searching (tip: try to make sure your name is not just you, but unique, and someone else isn’t using it!) I came to Catalina Cherry. It is juicy and luscious, personal and the alliteration is fun. *


I hope this gives you some ideas for choosing your name. I’d love to hear what you pick! #pinup #pinupsofinstagram #pinupnames

credit: @catalina.cherry


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