It’s not easy to find pin-up clothes when you’re starting in this style. I have experienced some difficult in finding appropriate shops.

You can easily spend a lot of money when looking for vintage/retro style/rockabilly/50ies clothing.

The list of my preferred online shops is far from complete , but you may find some beautiful outfits to start your pin-up dressing and complete it. I reassure you immediately, my shops are not expensive and you can always find a bargain. My list is unordered, just the following my ideas and it might be completed later😋

Don’t hesitate to add your proper shopping tips in the comment box. That would be totally darling 💋

Lindy Bop

Lindy Bop a UK 🇬🇧 based online shop offering high quality clothing and shoes. Shipping is affordable and ready fast in Europe. This shop does numerous promotional offers. Sizes are correct.


Collectif equally UK 🇬🇧 based online store. The style might be a bit more modern pin-up. Products are really very satisfying quality, prices slightly higher than Lindy Bop, but you can grab some good bargains on sale.

Miss Candyfloss

Various styles and models. Prices are really acceptable. Shipping is fast.

Retro Vixens

Rockabilly Dresses, Swing Dresses, Vintage and Retro Fashions, Psychobilly Clothing, 1950s and Burlesque Styles and hair flowers. Cool Pinup Clothes for Retro Vixens!

Banned Retro

Top Vintage


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