Mohawk it be

I just cannot remain with the same style for over a fortnight. I had some fun with hubby and he says : No you are not capable of wearing a Mohawk haircut!

That meant the top departure for me๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‚

Do you Fitbit?

I have discovered Fitbit in 2014. Fitbit offers a large range of fitness trackers doubled with a free app and great community. 

I started with the simple bracelet which counts your steps, the calories burnt, wakes you in the morning with a discreet vibration and allows to analyze your sleep quality.

I soon wanted more information about my physical activities. So I treated myself to the Fitbit HR2. My daughter got it now. This bracelet even counts the stories you are climbing and analyzes your heartrate. But you cannot change the bracelet.

Sooooooo…. Here I am with my latest toy the Blaze by Fitbit. 

The pictures show the kind of analysis you can obtain. 

You can do quite a lot of activities without having to use your phone.

Yes, I forgot but Fitbit offers a cool app for Android or Apple. There is even a community if you like to share your activities and challenges. And what is important too, you can register your diet plan. Write down the quantity of calories absorbed. The app suggests a lot of pre-registered food. 

You can define different goals in the app, like a minimum number of steps to do per day, quantity of water to drink, hours of sleep …..

Let’s connect on 

My username is Vera.

Turquoise and violet

I ordered fake lashes from Wish. They come without the glue, so be sure to order it too.

 I was surprised by the quality. Today I put on the violet lashes and topped my make-up with turquoise lipstick by Nyxcosmetics and green and yellow marble eyeshadow from Wish. I was quite unhappy with the eyeshadow because it came all broken. I was ready to put it into the bun but finally I kept it.

The flower headband is from Wish too. The flowers are same colour as my lippy. ๐Ÿ˜˜


Nothing special to tell you…. Comfy look with 

  • Dress by Promod
  • Jacket by New Look
  • Boots by Pimkie
  • Bag by Justfab
  • Necklaces from Crazyfactory


Headband from Wish

Eyeshadow palette from Wish

Mascara Rock ‘n Roll by Essence

Loose powder by Kate Von D

Lipstick by Nyxcosmetics

Lipgloss by Nyxcosmetics

Blush by Nyxcosmetics

Brow gel by Anastasia Beverly 

Paris Biketour

You msut have a look at this amazing blog about paris. The blog is in French, but you can fin whole lot of information about Paris!

The last post I read is about Paris biketours or how to discover the city of love in another way.





Paris …. Unknown places

Streetart Rue des Francs Bourgeois

Kamasutra on the wall

Just open your eyes, raise your head …

Popup store for designer shoes

How many stickers can you put onto a Fiat 500?

Passage du Havre

Make-up Forever in the Marais

Nailart addicted?

Would you think that I’m addicted to nailart ?

I imagined 8 different designs for this week. Using nailpolish, nailstickers and 3D decorations plus golden stripes.

Anothe angle of view

I continue to explore unknown angles of La Defense. As I said in another post, either people remain around the building where they work either they roam in between la Grande Arche and the fountains on the other side of the Parvis. However, there are so many places to go and discover new buildings and restaurants…

Afternoon with hubby

Hubby dreamt about a new leather jacket for ages, so we finally went to a special shop in Paris.

Front view

Back view

After this nice shopping, we went for a walk before heading back home. Add to this perfect day a delicious Italian icecream.