Look into my eyes

Look into my eyes

Deep in my soul

Give me a trrrrrrreat

A part you give to me – Dog-Yoda

Your meal in my mouth will wander

Your eyes in my eyes they look

A treat you will give

Dog-Yoda speaking


Helping Daddy choosing material for our kitchen. Mummy will cook tonight on our new stove. Woofdewoof !

I’m the new DIY – dog

Presenting my BFF

Inoui has joined our family over 3 years ago. Still remembering the small pup totally afraid who didn’t  dare entering his new home.

Have a look at what a clown we have gotten. He makes me crack up every morning. Not in the mood to say good morning and then such a cuty when we leave for work. 

Every evening he waits for us on the front porch, eager to join us in the house and spend the evening with us.


Inoui love and tenderness

My Inoui … He’s not a a pure breed. But this dog is so full of love and tenderness that I cannot be angry for long. However he makes me go crazy. Pissing everywhere on the front porch. I tried to get up super early in the morning to take him for a walk. Going for a walk when I get home from work. 

I also tried repulsive sprays …. Nothing works. I wonder if castration would calm him… But it seems cruel to me.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Would love to hear from you guys.