Beauty addicted

Yes yes yes ... I know that I'm a bit addicted to beauty products. But really all types! I love make-up. I must admit that my beauty case cannot close anymore. One of my sale bargains, lovely box with perfume, shower gel and body cream. What a girl needs for a home spa! Nailart ... … Continue reading Beauty addicted

Medieval festival Provins

Provins is a beautiful small town East of Paris. Each year in the end of June during two days this small town is transformed into a magnificent medieval festival starring a lot of street artists, handicrafts, ancient  crafts. You can discover how people lived during the Middle Ages in Europe.  The town has still got … Continue reading Medieval festival Provins

I want in

@Regrann from @evaxr0ckz - #Repost @booboo_goddess32 (@get_repost) ・・・ 💄COME BE A VILLAINETTE!!💄 LOYALTY CLASS RANKINGS CHARITY AWARENESS FAMILY SISTER'S!!! THE VILLAINETTES are a sisterhood For strong, unique, beautiful women to come and be supported, to form lasting bonds and gain family! To help build awareness to good cause, help with and hold charity events. To … Continue reading I want in

Badass sista

Badass sista on her way ... Be strong Be yourself Respect yourself Love yourself 💄💄💄💄😎😎😎😎💄💄💄💄😎😎😎😎 Give strength to those who are weak Encourage those who lack confidence Respect differences Spread love 💄Be a Villainette💄

Penpals incoming letters

Wow it's so exciting to receive letters from all over the world. My beautiful sisters from Villainettes start sending out letters.  It's also a wonderful distraction to prepare my letters I'll send to my friends. I have a lot of fun making cards using stickers, glitter and coloured papers. The only limit is your imagination. … Continue reading Penpals incoming letters

Happy baldy

Yessss I'm bald by choice! I discovered bald women on Instagram and admired them for a long time, but never dared shaving my head. I was totally blocked by the fear of society's reaction... However during a holiday in Germany I asked my hubby to shave my head. I was afraid and excited at the … Continue reading Happy baldy

Choosing what to eat

This post from the fabulous just resumes perfectly well my view of food. Food is an entire part of a journey. I agree that it’s super important to eat healthy, but tasting local dishes and foreign savours is a must for me when travelling other countries.

Cooking without Limits


Choosing what food is best for you should be easy, but as I discover it is difficult sometime. I am a gourmand person, so I always think of food. When I am searching for a new a place to visit the most important thing is not the hotel is the food.

I want to know about all new meals you can have in that place. Many times I have been asked if I would eat insects, snakes or other strange foods, and I always say I would try. Why try? Because you never know how you will react in that moment. So never say never.

Choosing food is a battle. I want to eat healthy but in the same time I want to know as many dishes as possible. Some of them are fried, with lot of sugar or very spicy. You never know. But, when I am eating something…

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