🐸Vegetarian gnocchi🐸

Ingredients for 4 servings : 500g gnocchi 250g tomato sauce 2 onions 1 zucchini 200g grated cheese Olive oil Prepare the gnocchi as instructed on the package. Meanwhile you cut the onions and zucchini into slices. Fry altogether in hot olive oil. Put a bit of olive oil in an oven supporting plate. Add the … Continue reading 🐸Vegetarian gnocchi🐸

All in violet

My hair is violet ... For the time being. I use this hair colour which you apply directly on dry hair. No mixing. You can leave it in for about 20 minutes depending on the intensity you want. The color fades with several washing. The color becomes pastel. Adding a dress by New Look. Bag … Continue reading All in violet

Day in Paris

It's amazing all the different things you can do in one day in Paris Start Rue des Gravilliers for funny streetart. Continue to Hank's vegan pizza. You can eat seated or prefer takeaways and go to a nearby garden. On the way other streetart items on the walls. Don't forget to look high up! Le … Continue reading Day in Paris

Look 01092017

Blue bandana, black dress by MANGO, black jacket by KIABI, bag by Justfab and black boots by Pimkie. Found the violet fishnet tights in small shop downtown Paris. I think that it gives a funny touch to the rock style.


💄STRONG💄 The devil whispered in my ear, "You are not strong enough to withstand the storm." Today I whispered in the devil's ear : "I am the storm." #ParisVillainettes #FranceVillainettes #EuropeVillainettes 💄 #VillainetteProspectHopeful #TheVillainettesSaluteYou 💄🍻🎩🔪💄 #THΣVILLΛΙИΣTTΣS #LoyaltyHonorRespect #villainettesforlife #TheVillainettes #beardedvillains @thevillainettes @beardedvillains FOUNDER @mrs.bearded_and_fit AMBASSADORS @angeliclysweet @bur_rabbit #superscoutstack

Beauty addicted

Yes yes yes ... I know that I'm a bit addicted to beauty products. But really all types! I love make-up. I must admit that my beauty case cannot close anymore. One of my sale bargains, lovely box with perfume, shower gel and body cream. What a girl needs for a home spa! Nailart ... … Continue reading Beauty addicted