✈Musée du Bourget✈

Another stunning place to visit when you come to Paris - museum of aircraft and its history.


It's the Urban Week. Paris La Defense welcomes plenty of streetart artists. The works are astounding! Judge by yourself.

Vintage shopping Paris

Vintage shopping in Paris : you have the choice in between several second hand shops. There are those with very very low prices, but you have to search in big heaps for the one piece you might like. Then there are well arranged secondhand shops : 🌼Hippy Market🌼 Address : 41 rue du Temple 75004 … Continue reading Vintage shopping Paris

Different sides of Paris

Every time I walk through the streets of Paris, I take photos. There are always funny,weird,awesome things to see. Streetart is present in so many unexpected places. Fashion is creative and food is surprising. Then there are those buildings you don't expect to see in Paris. I hope you will discover a new Paris, that … Continue reading Different sides of Paris

Food in Paris

Don't miss this in Paris ! You'll find all this walking through Le Marais and Le Quartier Latin.

Bento in Paris

Do you know Bento? It's a kind of Japanese fast-food. Bento is composed of rice and small quantities of hot or cold salted dishes. In Paris, you can go to Juji-Ja, rue Sainte Anne. 42 rue Sainte Anne 75002 Paris Melon soda is refreshing and really exotic. Onigri are seaweed leafs stuffed with rice and … Continue reading Bento in Paris

Behind the scenes

My office is located in the business part of Paris : La Defense. In general, people visit the part situated in front of the most popular building, la Grande Arche. This building is the symbol of La Defense. The immense space in front of la Grande Arche is called l'Esplanade. You have a wonderful view … Continue reading Behind the scenes

On the top

Pic of the day .... On the top of the world Worker on the exteriors of the Grande Arche I took this photo from the office where I currently work. Isn't it totally stunning to see this man high above the ground without any protection. He looks totally relaxed.