Behind the scenes

My office is located in the business part of Paris : La Defense.

In general, people visit the part situated in front of the most popular building, la Grande Arche. This building is the symbol of La Defense. The immense space in front of la Grande Arche is called l’Esplanade. You have a wonderful view on Paris and the ancient Arc de Triomphe.

But have you ever walked around la Grande Arche? Behind this building you will discover another stunning part.

On the top

Pic of the day …. On the top of the world

Worker on the exteriors of the Grande Arche

I took this photo from the office where I currently work. Isn’t it totally stunning to see this man high above the ground without any protection. He looks totally relaxed.

Afternoon in Paris

Another rainy day … May and no sunshine or warmth in sight! I looked up Google and it says that icy rain can come until may 15th. I was so shocked …. Wtf ! Hubby offered a lovely afternoon in Paris. We bought the paint for the bathroom and a nice fluffy rug to put in front of the shower.

After shopping and putting our things in the car, we went for a walk. We had Polish Borat and Apfelstrudel. Sorry …. No pics. I was so hungry… Borat is a stuffed puff pastry with sheep cheese. Apfelstrudel is apple pie.

And when we passed in front of a Portuguese bakery Comme à Lisbonne, we just had to taste their Denata. Another puff pastry with vanilla cream.

Paris city of amazing details