She had wondered what it meant,  When it was happening,  She payed little attention.  Suddenly, she found herself,  In the middle of a wildfire,  Ash falling down around he…

Source : Endearment

Life …


Loving …. My heart is bumping

Laughing …. My eyes are sparkling

Feeling …. My soul is singing

Thinking … My head is spinning
Never stop living to the fullest

In my bubble

In my bubble ….

Dreaming of a better world

In my bubble …

Hoping for love

In my bubble …

Waiting for you.

Flame of passion

Red like the flame of passion

Passion burning like fire

My heart burning with desire

Flames raving my body

Craving for you touch

Your skin burns under my fingers

My body arches under your touch

Our mutual desire consuming us

Flames and stars cover my vision

When my body enters yours

Light exploding in a myriad of rainbows