Vegetarian? Yes but ….

Vegetarian, vegan, healthy food …. Oh my God, the internet is overfilled with healthy people and wonderful photographies of healthy food. Happy cooking women who look gorgeous and fit!

And here I am, Mom of two adult children, 43 years old, having a fulltime job, commuting from Monday to Friday, two days off for the weekend. Just wondering how can I become a healthy responsible fit woman like all those creatures looking at me from my different screens – phone, computer ….

Living healthy and saving animals and our planet is my new credo!

How to???????

My daughter offered my a wonderful vegetarian cookbook for beginners. I’m full of enthusiasm to start my new clean eating trip.

First, trying to find all the ingredients for the recipe is like climbing the Mount Everest without training and equipement! My local supermarket doesn’t have half of the ingredients I need. Second surpise, my weekly eating budget is exploding!

No problem, one has to accept making sacrifices to become a good healthy citizen. Back in the kitchen, having worked all day long, took me two full hours to go and come back from work. Tired, but workout has to be done before eating. And then, awwwwwwww the book said 30 minutes to prepare the meal, and now it’s more than an hour that I’m cleaning, chopping and crying because of fresh and healthy onions! When I finally have finished with all those veggies, comes the moment to put it in the oven, another 45 minutes before we finally are sll seated around the table with my first vegetarian meal. I’m so tired, I don’t even appreciate eating.

Okayyyyyyy, that is a disaster, but I’m not a girl (mmmmm woman) to give up easily. My motto : never give up!

So here’s my proper vegetarian lifestyle. Cheap, easy, quick … All I need to be happy. And it’s true, I feel much better now that I have totally eliminated meat and fish from my dishes. But I don’t think that I could become vegan, I’m addicted to milk products like cheese. However, I have reduced seriously my consumption of milk or eggs. I now use almond, coconut or rice milk.

I found a lot of vegetarian dishes in my local supermarket like puffy dough filled with cheese, spinach and cheese, tomatoes and mozzarella. You can also get fried cheese balls. For the vegetables, I either take deep frozen products, boxed veggies or dried beans/ lentils/dehydrated smashed potatoes. At home, I add onions, spices, or I combine different vegetables. I also try different type of cooking, fried, steam cooked or baked in the oven. The only limit is your imagination.

With this method, I globally have a 120€ weekly budget for food for four adults.

Waffles and nothing else

Waffles chocolate topping whipped cream …. 💋

Pizza and salad

Easy diner …. A slice of pizza and salad with fresh tomatoes.

Banana shortbread

I wanted to taste and bake shortbread for a long time. Now that I’m planning my fall trip to London, I looked for a recipe and found this banana shortbread.

Ingredients :

  • Flour 250g
  • Sugar 100g
  • Butter 180g
  • 2 bananas

Smash the bananas. Heat the butter to make it smooth. Mix butter and sugar, add flour, stir and finish with adding the bananas. Stir well. Put in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Heat the oven at 180°C.

Put the dough on a plate, approximately 1cm thick layer. Put it in the middle of the oven for 15 minutes.

You can serve it still hot with cottage cheese or eat the shortbread cold.

Good mornin loves

Wish you a fabulous Friday 💋

Throwback to Christmas market in Nuremberg in 2016 … Stunning sweet animals for treats.

​Cheesecake with salmon

Cheesecake with salmon fresh spinach lettuce carrots tomatoes shrimps cucumber and homemade yogurt dressing

For the dough :

Mix 200g of crackers with 70g of liquid butter. Put it in a round cake  mould and press to get a dough.

For the cheese stuffing :

Mix a small box of fresh cheese like Philadelphia, 200g of ricotta, 2 egg yolks ( keep the egg white for later use),parsley,chive,salt,pepper,3 chopped slices of smoked salmon. Put this mixture on top of your dough.

Get your egg whites and make snowlike foam. Top your cheesecake with the egg foam.

Put in the oven for 20 minutes at 180°C.


It’s done. I wanted to buy a lunchbox for several months now in order to prepare my own meal. I finally purchased two boxes, one for hubby, one for me, and a nice cooling bag. Now I prepare our meals the evening before the next day in office. I put in our boxes fresh tomatoes, cucumber, a hard boiled egg, smoked salmon and a bit of coleslaw.

As I have an extra compartment for dessert, I added low fat and sugar free fruit yoghurt.

How do you eat lunch at work? Comment below to exchange.💋

Easy diner

Pop a deep frozen box of rice carrots and veil in the pan. Heat a tin of salsifies with some spice and olive oil. Add lettuce, tomato and crackers.

For dessert, you can bake cookies and serve them with vanilla milk rice. Top it with cinnamon.