Headband from Wish

Eyeshadow palette from Wish

Mascara Rock ‘n Roll by Essence

Loose powder by Kate Von D

Lipstick by Nyxcosmetics

Lipgloss by Nyxcosmetics

Blush by Nyxcosmetics

Brow gel by Anastasia Beverly 

Paris Biketour

You msut have a look at this amazing blog about paris. The blog is in French, but you can fin whole lot of information about Paris!

The last post I read is about Paris biketours or how to discover the city of love in another way.






She had wondered what it meant,  When it was happening,  She payed little attention.  Suddenly, she found herself,  In the middle of a wildfire,  Ash falling down around he…

Source : Endearment

The emotions overpowering

Poem by @crazyjake54


Waffles and nothing else

Waffles chocolate topping whipped cream …. 💋

Pizza and salad

Easy diner …. A slice of pizza and salad with fresh tomatoes.

He never means to hurt her

Poem by @crazyjake54


OMy Ultimate No Makeup Makeup

Amazing tuto for a fresh and natural make-up!

Now don’t be fooled, when I say no makeup makeup, I don’t mean no mascara or brows – that would be unheard of. I mean, looking like your skin is fresh with nothing on it – with a lick of mascara and a taming of the brows.

As the saying goes, ‘you always want what you don’t have’, and for me that’s freckles. I think freckles are the ultimate in your skin looking undone – if they can be seen, it suggests there’s no foundation on the face. If you have freckles naturally, I’m jealous! They’re beautiful and I hope you love them! I use a couple of products to draw them on and I try and make them look as natural as is possible.

For this makeup look, I only actually use SIX products and it takes 10 minutes max. I added a berry pink lip to this look…

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Paris …. Unknown places

Streetart Rue des Francs Bourgeois

Kamasutra on the wall

Just open your eyes, raise your head …

Popup store for designer shoes

How many stickers can you put onto a Fiat 500?

Passage du Havre

Make-up Forever in the Marais