November 16

I wanted to publish an article friday night, saturday and then arrived sunday… I hadn’t found the appropriate words to express my utter desolation. Only one word comes to me :

WHY ??????????????????????????

How can human beings commit such atrocités?

Why kill innocent people to punish a government’s actions?

Why such hate?


I republish this picture of the memory tree I encountered on the beach in Normandy.  We should never forget the horrors of WW2. We should love and share this world in a sensible way.

I just sax this phrase of Mahatma Gandhi on instagram :

“An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind. ”

In spite of the terrible events, I was and am still happy to celebrate my husband’s birthday : 55 rounds of the sun.

This morning before going to office, we treated ourselves with a nice breakfast.


November 11

We should never forget. It was the end of World War One. Four years of suffering and death ended on this memorable day in 1918, almost 100 years ago –  a century.


Germany started the war by refusing to stop the invasion of Belgium. 

Only a short time after the end of WW1,  the same nation repeated the same monstrous error and started WW2 in 1939. Europe only knew a few years of peace.

The second world war was even more terrifying when you think of the horrors commuter by the Nazis.

Even if those events lie back far in the past, we must not forget.  We have the duty to transmit the memories to our children and grand children.

That peace reigns in our lovely world.

The memory tree on the krach of D-day in Normandy

November 10

Today would have been the 79th birthday of my late husband and Catherine of l’y children. He passed away june 9th in 2003. I don’t forget him   even I didn’t love him anymore when he died. I hated him, but I didn’t want him to die. The cancer took him away in six months only. In the end, he looked so serene. He died early in the morning, late in the night, it was between 4 and 5 o’clock in the morning.  The nurse called on the phone.  We had spent the afternoon  encore with him. He wasn’t conscious anymore. I had told him to let go, someone told me to do so, to free him. I had this odd feeling that I caused his death. A doctor, eventually his daughter of a first marriage, had told me about this strange thing about dying people. Some need to hear that they canelle leave in peace.  Generally, a family member can reassure the dying that it’s ok to leave. Kind of permission to die. I never forgot this moment when I said those words to the father of my children.  I don’t know if it was right or wrong.  Eventually, he died the following morning.


November 9

It’s monday morning and I am on the road to …… work.  Yeah, not to the road to heaven.


Last night I wore my new toy : the misfit flash.


It is a connected activity tracker and sleep monitor. I got it from Amazon. The price was 35€ free shipping.  I received my parcel saturday morning in the mail box. I love the sleek design and the colour.  You have just to upload the misfit app and you are started. The flash comes with device you can clip anywhere. I will try that tomorrow when I will do my workout at the gym. However,this morning the flash told me about my night and I was surprised to discover that I was awake or at least not really asleep during 2 jours last night. This flash may help to improve daily life and get encouragements to move more.
Oh and yes, I linked the misfit app to my fitness pal account. ☺

Yeah, I just finished my day at office. I took a cool shot of the view from my window.


November 8

A beautiful day to go for a walk with my dog Inouï.


He was so happy to run along the riveraine.




During the walk we got to know a 13 year old lady dog. Inouï was incredibly excités to play with her  . Her mistress told us that she wouldn’t be interested in a love affaire 😆

Back home after two hours walking, I decided to have fun with my nails. Today, I was inspired by pink and violet.I painted some nails in pink, some in violet and I applied this awesome nailsticker by Maybelline. Have a look at this snail look effect. Don’t miss to click on the link above to discover great ideas to customize your nails!


The I day I became a red head

One day I had this funny idea when I woke in the morning. My hair was so boring, I needed absolutely a new colour!


I was a fake blond. I don’t really remember my natural colour …. I have already tried a red colour some years ago, but it turned out ORANGE! Imagine this girl walking down the street with orange hair, not quite a bright sight. You can easily imagine how nervous I was this famous day of october. I chose a Schwarzkopf colour : a brilliant red.


I am satisfied, the colour remains bright even after several washing sessions. You get a small package of nourishng oil that you add to the colour. My hair has remained soft.


Halloween … deco and cooking

See those Halloween creations I realized with my daughter!

We made some awesome looking dishes : here are the fingers of the witch!

20151031_171338 - Copie 20151031_180425 - Copie20151031_185719

The nails are made of almonds and you use some food colour. Green is kind of gruesome.

The main plate was simple : lasagna. Dessert was chocolate cupcakes with blue and pink icing. We used mascarpone cheese and peanut butter, just added some food colour for the fun.

We had a lot of fun decorating the living room with those fake spider webs and black spiders. Next time I will leave the real spiders and their webs in place for the next Halloween party!


20151031_191204  20151031_191350  20151031_191658 20151031_191333 20151031_19565920151031_193045  20151031_19571020151031_191555

Cooking ….

I love cooking. You will find a lot of pics of my creations in kitchen.


This one is really easy to achieve. It’s a rather healthy breakfast : cut a banana, an apple and mix with a low fat yoghurt, you can take fruit yo, that’s even tastier! I love this kind of breakfast. Afterwards I can easily wait until noon to eat again! I am an eater, I love food …. That’s not easy to combine with a fit and healthy way of life.

A funny day with my daughter Parc Asterix


That was a really funny day this summer to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. It’s kind of a tradition to go to this awesome parc : Parc Asterix. This parc is located not far from Paris. It’s completely dedicated to Asterix and his BF Obelix. Those cute personnalities follow you throughout the whole place.

WP_20150906_034 WP_20150906_031


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